5 Tips For a Prosperous 2018 From CEO Wes Moore

Success is a state of mind! Wes Moore, the CEO of The Robin Hood Foundation, certainly knows a thing or two about achieving goals. The globally renowned philanthropist’s charity is sponsored by celebs including Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Alicia Keys, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and Jake Gyllenhaal. With the new year approaching quickly, Moore sat down with Us Weekly to talk about his 5 tips for having a successful 2018 and how he got to where he is in his career.

“Nobody says you have to do this alone,” Moore explains. “Stand on the heels of others that are blazing the path and support their efforts and do well by doing good.” An added bonus? “You too could be teaming up with brilliant minds like J.Lo, A.Rod, or one of many others that is committed to supporting causes close to home,” he says.

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